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Saturday, May 19, 2018

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Well, I agree on the points that Christian-Catholicism was the first created Church based on pagan beliefs, as also was the Hebrew sect from the very beginning copying various deities from Chaldeans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Canaanites. There is no doubt about it as many proves corroborate with the recent archaeological finding. Nevertheless, the proves were already long ago spotted as all the mythological fables of the antiquity were copied and twisted by the Jews who were nothing but a nomadic shepherd's tribe living in tents the biggest part of their existence. Hence, Jewish creed is nothing but a pagan worship of the sun and the moon as Origen also affirms. The Christians adopted as they were also Jews the old pagan beliefs and incorporated many more from Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Hermetism, Platonism, Orphism, Stoicism and the mysteries of Eleusis. The baptisme, the holy communion, the anointing oil, the specific food forbidden during certain ceremonies, their hymns and supplications (300 Orphic hymns are still in use by the Catholics), the conception of the immortal soul, the fables of the flood, Adam and Eve etc, are nothing but mythological fables of foreign countries adopted and mistranslated by the Hebrew-Christians. If you read the mythology of Mithraism, the same fables, miracles events occurred with Jesus. Coincidence? The divine birth from a virgin, thet he was laid in a manger, a star appeared in the sky, the Magi who came, the persecution of the governor who ordered the infant massacre etc etc, are literally copied and used in the fable of Jesus. Maybe there was a person named Jesus - a very common name at that time- who was executed by the Romans.

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"Think higher, feel deeper." Elie Wiesel


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those two articles I cited.


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